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The Application of Computer Multimedia Technology in English Listening Test

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.047


Li Yan

Corresponding Author

Li Yan


The existing multimedia aided teaching is more embodied in the change of the hardware environment, the teaching ability of the teachers has not been greatly improved with the modernization of the equipment. Especially in College English listening teaching, many teachers only the multimedia computer as tools to demonstrate, substitute teacher teaching machine, and the lack of effective integration of information technology and curriculum, lack of systematic teaching design of English listening teaching contents, methods, resources and environment, the subjectivity of the students didn't get effective mobilization, resulting in multimedia method is difficult to play its due role. These not only cause the waste of equipment, but also seriously restrict the further improvement of the teaching effect of English listening. Therefore, the problems in College English Listening Teaching of multimedia environment, not only to improve the students' English listening level have direct help, and to improve the performance of multimedia equipment, and comprehensively improve the overall effect of the English teaching also has an important significance. In view of the status of College English Listening Teaching under the multimedia environment, the author chooses three universities in Jiangnan University, Shenyang Normal University and Sichuan University part of English teachers and University second grade students for the survey of related research. It reveals the problems of College English Listening Teaching in multimedia environment, analyzes the root causes of the problems and the related factors.


Multimedia, English listening, Teaching problems, System design