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Design and Implementation of University Sports Network Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.046


Ma Zhenke, Wang Hongquan

Corresponding Author

Ma Zhenke


The management of university sports performance at present, involving many students in semi manual mode are repetitive and error prone, and the network is conducive to improve the efficiency of management, is conducive to the movement performance of the sharing of resources, development of network management system of university sports performance imperative. This paper introduces the design idea, main functions and key technologies of the university public sports network management system. This paper first introduces the research background, research status at home and abroad, the theory gives the project development and the use of Web technology and data mining, and then the user needs a detailed analysis, combined with the demand, the system's data flow analysis; secondly, the system architecture and database design are discussed in detail, according to the implementation method of motion the performance management of each functional module, and discusses the application of data mining in the system; finally, the test program is given and verified the correctness of the system function. The combination of decision tree ID3 algorithm based on motion, student test scores, the data mining and analysis, for the formation of information teaching materials of students' physique characteristic value, provides important reference data, so as to improve the teaching quality of physical education requirements.


College physical education, Public sports, Performance management, Network management, System design