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Research on Position Control of Mechanical Numerical Control Machine Tool Based on Action Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.041


Liyuan Liu, Ping Wang

Corresponding Author

Liyuan Liu


In order to overcome the defects of the conventional full closed-loop position control system, it is necessary to break the shackles of the traditional theory of constructing a full closed-loop position control system based on the speed inner loop. The traditional single-machine mode has been difficult to meet the needs of the current economic development due to its high cost, backward technology and low production efficiency. For the numerical control turntable which uses worm gear and worm gear pair as the deceleration and indexing execution components, the pitch error values are quite different when moving in the same coordinate interval in the forward and reverse directions. Based on action orientation, this paper studies the position control of mechanical numerical control machine tools, systematically discusses the characteristics of the existing methods for improving the spatial positioning accuracy of mechanical numerical control machine tools and the problems to be solved.


Action-oriented, Mechanical numerical control machine tools, Position control