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Research on Agricultural Products e-Commerce Platform and Information Network Construction Based on Collaborative Distribution

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.035


Guijuan Shan

Corresponding Author

Guijuan Shan


E-commerce of agricultural products is a new type of agricultural products sales mode with the help of network platform. The development of e-commerce of agricultural products and the construction of e-commerce platform and information network of agricultural products are of great significance to the improvement of agricultural products circulation system and the promotion of safe, stable, efficient and modern development of agriculture. Based on the theme of collaborative distribution around the rapid construction of agricultural products e-commerce website platform, according to the guidance of website production theory, this paper uses CMS system, IIS information server, SQL Server2008 database, Dream weaver and other software, as well as basic programming language knowledge, taking Site Server CMS system as an example, to create an e-commerce platform that can realize agricultural products sales. Through e-commerce platform, data can be connected with the information systems of both supply and demand sides to realize information sharing.


Collaborative distribution, Agricultural products, E-commerce platform, Information network