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Research on Optimization of Ship Welding and Structure Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.032


Yudong Yang, Lingyu Yang, Yang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yudong Yang


In recent years, China's shipping industry has developed rapidly. Ship welding technology is one of the key technologies in modern shipbuilding mode. Advanced ship high-efficiency welding technology plays a very important role in improving ship construction efficiency, reducing ship construction cost and improving ship construction quality, and is also an effective way for enterprises to improve economic benefits. Ship structural design is of great significance to the application of ships. The key to good navigation performance lies in ship design, and hull structure design is one of the most important links in ship design. Like other engineering designs, the design of ship structures should know what method to use to carry out the design. According to the actual situation, this paper puts forward analysis on the design method of ship's main hull structure and the optimization level in the future.


Ship welding, Structural design, Optimization