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Research on Application of Electronic Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.027


Haizhou Liu, Ziping Lv, Jushang Zheng

Corresponding Author

Haizhou Liu


Science and technology are making continuous progress, and electronic technology is also developing rapidly, and its application scope is getting wider and wider. In the current production process of industrial enterprises, intelligent manufacturing has become the mainstream of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing simulates the human brain through computers to analyze, reason, judge and make production decisions in every link of the manufacturing process. Computer simulation of human brain has become the most simple way in the current production process. Through computer control, precise control of mechanical production process has been realized. Electronic technology has a very important influence on the main structure of mechanical engineering technology, product structure, product function, management system and production method. This paper discusses and understands the specific application of electronic technology in intelligent manufacturing from four aspects: sensing technology, industrial robot, numerical control processing technology and three-dimensional computer simulation technology.


Intelligent manufacturing, Electronic technology, Application