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Research on Variable Structure Intelligent Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor Based on Sensor

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.026


Jinxia Li

Corresponding Author

Jinxia Li


Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor( PMSSM) is a kind of motor with excellent performance and wide application prospect. With the rapid development of modern power electronics technology, microelectronics technology and modern control theory, permanent magnet synchronous motors are increasingly applied to various control occasions. In the past motor control systems, sensors are usually used to directly measure parameters such as motor speed. However, the increase of sensors not only increases the cost of the motor, the complexity of the control system and the inconvenience of installation in special environment, but also reduces the reliability of the system. Firstly, an integral sliding surface is proposed based on the mathematical model of permanent magnet synchronous servo motor. Then, an appropriate control law is chosen to solve the problem of high frequency chattering in sliding control. Finally, a load observer is designed to obtain the unknown load torque in the control law. The simulation results show that the control strategy of permanent magnet synchronous servo motor based on sliding mode variable structure has high control precision and good operation performance.


Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor: sliding mode variable structure, Intelligent control