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Framework and Implementation of Intelligent Library System Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.025


Liqiong Gao

Corresponding Author

Liqiong Gao


Big data not only brings opportunities and challenges to intelligent libraries, but also innovates the service forms of libraries. Building a smart library under the big data environment is a realistic demand for the development and application of smart technologies. The information revolution brought by big data has entered people's daily life and work, and has started a major transformation of the times. The library's intelligent service management and service system construction have developed rapidly, and the demand of readers has increased rapidly. With the coming of the era of big data and smart city, the library is facing great challenges in construction and development, and it also provides a growth point for the academic research of the library itself. In the era of massive big data, libraries, especially the construction of modern intelligent libraries, will face great challenges in data storage, data mining, data analysis and so on. This paper analyzes the innovative service of the Intelligent Library in the big data environment, and seeks the corresponding countermeasures, which has a certain practical significance.


Big data, Smart library, Information revolution