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Design and Implementation of Road Engineering Cost Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.024


Lingling Du

Corresponding Author

Lingling Du


The thesis introduces the research background, project significance and current research and application status of road engineering cost management system, and clarifies the content and main work of the thesis. In the business analysis, the thesis has problems with the system, organization, The original business process is analyzed, and the optimized business process is given. In the function analysis, the paper clarifies the function of the system through use case analysis and use case description, and gives the overall function package diagram and sub-function package diagram of the system. Including sub-package diagrams of engineering information management, cost management, material and equipment management, quota management, report management, and system management; in data analysis, the paper analyzes the data that needs to be processed for each function of the system, and gives the Entity class relationship diagram, the database table structure is established; the paper concludes the research and analysis work done, and looks forward to further work.


Engineering cost, Demand analysis, Database, Cost management