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Research on the Innovation of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Computer Monitoring of Hydropower Station

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.019


Majia Luolun

Corresponding Author

Majia Luolun


In the field of Internet, blockchain technology plays an important role. Blockchain technology is the core technology of computer science. The existence of blockchain technology enables people to reach a consensus when using the Internet. Ensure the safety of the network in use. At the same time, the computer monitoring system of hydropower station means that the control, measurement, monitoring and protection of the whole hydropower station equipment are completed by the computer system. It is an automatic control system, which can control, measure, monitor and protect all equipment. The implementation of block chain technology in the field of computer monitoring for hydropower station is described.


Blockchain Technology, Hydropower Station Computer, Monitoring Field