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Research on the Application of Cloud Computing Technology in Medical Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.015


Na Wu, Guorong Chen

Corresponding Author

Na Wu,


Medical informatization is an important research direction in the current medical field, and new information technology is the key means to solve medical informatization. It integrates Internet of things, cloud computing and big data processing technology, feeling, knowing and doing are the core medical informatization, which aims to build an intelligent medical platform. This article analyzes the characteristics of the Internet of Things, proposes the architecture of the hospital Internet of Things, analyzes the advantages of the Internet of things in medical treatment, puts forward the Internet of things management as an important technical means, demonstrates the rationality and feasibility of improving medical quality and reducing medical risks, and then combines the current situation of hospital management to find a way that not only conforms to the actual situation of the hospital, but also keeps up with modern medicine From the perspective of practice, the new ideas of hospital development pace will make some useful discussions for the improvement of hospital management quality under the new situation.


Medical Treatment, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Application Research