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Design of Spacecraft Flywheel Fault Detection System Based on Attitude Fault Tolerant Control

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.013


Yanyun Li

Corresponding Author

Yanyun Li


To solve the problems of actuator failure and external interference of rigid spacecraft with four reaction flywheels, an attitude fault-tolerant control assignment algorithm is proposed. In this method, a sliding mode observer is designed to realize the precise reconstruction of actuator faults and external disturbances in a finite time. In particular, the Lyapunov stability theory is applied to prove that the designed controller can achieve the global asymptotically stable control of the closed-loop attitude in a finite time, and the control strategy can achieve the robustness to the reaction flywheel faults and external disturbances. In addition, the method of base order optimal control assignment with less computation is used to realize the assignment of the desired control torque to the command control torque of the four reaction flywheel. Finally, the numerical simulation of a certain type of spacecraft and various reaction flywheel faults is carried out. The simulation results show that the designed flywheel fault reconstruction and attitude fault-tolerant control method can complete the fault reconstruction and control allocation online, timely and accurately.


Finite time, sliding mode observer, actuator, fault reconstruction, basic order optimal control assignment