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The Value of DWIBS Evaluating the Rectal Carcinoma Involved the Perirectal Space

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.010


ing Ning, Gao Qimin, Sun Xihe, Chang Guanghui, Ge Yanming, Guan Yue, Dong Peng

Corresponding Author

Dong Peng


Objectives: This article is aimed to study the value of the magnetic resonance diffusion weighted imaging with background suppression (MR-DWIBS) evaluating the involvement of the rectal perirectal space by the rectal carcinoma. Materials and Methods: The magnetic resonance images and clinical data of sixty patients with rectal carcinoma were proved by pathologic results retrospectively. The pathologic diagnosis of all the patients was rectal ulcer type and intermediate differentiated adenocarcinoma. All patients underwent pelvic magnetic resonance scanning before the surgical operation. The emphasis of the images analysis was placed on the DWIBS features of the tumors and the features of involvement of the rectal perirectal space. Results: The relative ADC value and relative eADC value were significant different between the groups of perirectal space involvement or perirectal space no involvement in the patients with rectal carcinoma (p<0.05). Conclusions: The relative ADC and eADC value of the rectal tumor can be used to assess the biological behavior of rectal carcinoma.


Magnetic resonance imaging, Diffusion weighted imaging with background suppression, Rectal carcinoma, Perirectal space