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Study on Debugging and Simulation of Low-Frequency Small Signal Amplifier Circuit

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.007


Jingxin Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingxin Wang


To weaken the ordinary CMOS amplifier 1/f noise interference, and amplify this type of signal to a level that can be detected or processed by digital signals, this paper proposes an amplifier circuit design method based on the idea of "modulation-amplification-demodulation", consist of local oscillator unit, mixer unit, amplifying unit and low pass filter unit. And then we used PSpice software to conduct simulation analysis of the entire amplifier circuit, including voltage gain analysis, transient analysis and noise characteristic simulation. The simulation results show that the low-frequency low-noise amplifier designed this time achieves the expected performance indicators.


Amplifier circuit, Low-Frequency Small Signal, Simulation analysis