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Study on the Development of Farm-Oriented Agriculture in China

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.051


Yichen Fan, Chuantong Li

Corresponding Author

Yichen Fan


With the development of economic globalization, it has been difficult for traditional agricultural management model to meet the needs of today's society; thereby farm-oriented agriculture comes into being. Under this background, this paper discusses the issue of farm-oriented agriculture in China. Firstly, the connotation, definition and necessity of farm-oriented agriculture are expounded, followed by the explanation of its development premise in China. The importance of land transfer to its development is highlighted. And since some parts in China have already carried out farm-based operation, the problems encountered in it are also discussed. In the meantime, it also comes up with suggestions for the problems in the development process such as multi-party coordination and joint promotion of land transfer, disaster insurance to reduce planting risk, providing technical guidance to agricultural operators and constructing rural information service system. Finally, the prospect of farm-oriented agriculture in China is foreseen.


Farm-oriented agriculture, land transfer, agricultural operation