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Digital Wallet in Vietnam Challenges and Solutions

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.042


Ha My Nguyen

Corresponding Author

Ha My Nguyen


Following the popularization of digital wallet service in the world, daily life activities of citizens have become more and more convenient. To raise the economic position in the world and improve the living standard, Vietnam has been applying the service for years. As a think tank of the government, State Bank of Vietnam has not only issued many Decrees and Circulars on regulations and instructions of digital wallet operation mechanism but also arranged a lot of seminars on market researches and development strategy for the digital wallet. However, at the stage of rocketing development, Vietnam is now facing a lot of challenges and difficulties to deal with the requirements and demand of its actual market conditions. Under the view of governmental development researchers, this study will propose some methods to improve the quality of the digital wallet management system based on the existing problems, the advantages of Vietnam's current status, and the lessons withdraw from other countries.


Digital wallet, e-wallet, mobile wallet, non-cash payment, cashless payment, payment service, E-Commerce, Fin-tech