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Willingness to Paid Exit of Homestead Based on IAD Extended Decision Model—Taking Beiliu, Guangxi Province as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.041


Linyi Zhao, Shuqiong Yu, Fan Dong, Xiaoping Zhou

Corresponding Author

Shuqiong Yu


Based on Ostrom's Institutional Analysis and Development Framework (IAD) theory, an IAD analysis framework for paid exit of farmer homesteads was constructed, and a binary logistic regression model was used to study the factors influencing willingness to paid exit of homesteads based on survey samples of Beiliu, Guangxi. The research results show that the willingness to exit from a farmer's homestead is affected by the participant's status, conditional control, and farmers' perceptions. It is recommended to combine the situation that they do not have adequate understanding of paid use policies, the importance of social security, and the value of homestead, so as to improve and promote the paid use system of over-standard areas of homesteads, strengthen farmers' understanding of multiple compensation methods, vigorously advance the right of homesteads, and promote the correct recognition of the value of homesteads.


Homestead, Willingness to exit, IAD extended decision model