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FinTech in Promoting the Development of Green Finance in China against the Background of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.034


Xin Yang

Corresponding Author

Xin Yang


Green finance as a financial strategy can guarantee the sustainable development of the economy and ecological environment, it has been widely implemented within China and worldwide. Meanwhile, FinTech based on big data and artificial intelligence technology has been largely utilized in various fields since its emergence. In light of various issues in the development of green finance, the advantages of FinTech can be employed to offer solutions to deal with. The author concludes that FinTech can facilitate the development of green finance in the perspectives of decreasing bank credit risk, enhancing the regulation level, stimulating product innovation and the perfection of the information-sharing mechanism.


FinTech, Green Finance, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence