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Analysis of Internet Operation Platform of the Wedding Photography Industry in Beijing under the E-Commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.032


Yihan Jia

Corresponding Author

Yihan Jia


The fast-evolving technology gradually pushes the traditional operation mode of wedding photography out of business. Whereas, online marketing becomes popular. With the network operations that are not constrained by time or location, people can negotiate and trade online at any time, anywhere. A business can welcome customers all around the world, while the customer can get access to any online market in the globe. With the advent of the Internet era, together with the global spread of COVID-19, Internet E-Commerce has been promoted to a new level. Besides, every industry is now seeing greater opportunities and challenges. This paper researches and analyzed the operations of hot Internet media platforms with complete data and cases and summarizes the characteristics and operation mode of each platform. It also clarifies that against the backdrop of E-Commerce, business entities dealing with wedding photography should adapt to the development of the Internet of things in the new era, so it is unavoidable to realize the integration and connection among each media, that is, the Integrated marketing communications. The industry can reap great benefits if integrating website, WeChat, Weibo, short-form videos community and creating superb user experience.


Wedding photography, E-Commerce, website, WeChat, network operations