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Application of "Flipped Classroom" in the Teaching of "Morphology Composition"

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.028


Fang Wang

Corresponding Author

Fang Wang


The implementation of the "Morphology Composition" has expanded the new field of plastic arts and opened up students' creativity and imagination in terms of visual language and modeling methods. It is of great significance for students to go beyond the constraints of inherent experience, seek multiple expressions of the modeling language, and cultivate the creative thinking of the visual art image. At the same time, some domestic colleges and universities have gradually tried the "Morphology Composition" teaching mode based on the flipped classroom, and this innovative teaching form may get more results with less effort. Based on this, this work first analyzed the development and advantages of flipped classrooms, then discussed problems in the teaching of "Morphology Composition", and finally proposed the application path of flipped classroom teaching mode in the teaching of "Morphology Composition".


Flipped classroom, Morphology Composition, Teaching reformation, Application