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Discussion on Teaching Innovation of Red Study Travel—A Case Study on the Second Classroom of Tourism Education in Jiangxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.026


Xiaoliang Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiaoliang Chen


Red study travel education is a new pattern of contemporary tourism education, and it is also an experiential tourism innovation project. With the promotion of policies in the sectors of culture and tourism, education and tourism enterprises, as well as the innovative development of tourism industry and the curriculum innovation of quality-oriented education, the study travel has been integrated into the curriculum system construction of young students, - into the daily life of young students, and gradually developed and flourished as a pioneering new way of teaching in the education industry. Based on exploring the development of the study travel industry in Jiangxi Province, this paper analyzed the status quo of the study travel of teenagers in the classroom and discussed the specific problems to offer some references to further deepen the reform of tourism education and simultaneously push forward the teaching development and innovation of the second classroom tourism education.


Jiangxi province, tourism education, red study travel, teaching innovation