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Safety Education and Risk Management: Research on the Evolution Mechanism of Fire Accidents in Nursing Homes

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.024


Minli Zhu

Corresponding Author

Minli Zhu


Based on fire safety and risk control in nursing home, this work sought a system and mechanism to coordinate efforts and rectify defects based on the catastrophic consequences caused by frequent fire accidents in nursing homes. This work reviewed and analyzed the accident attribution theory and studied the case of "5.25 major fire accident in Lushan nursing home". The elimination of management defects plays a decisive role in cutting off the causal chain of accidents; there is an accidental necessity behind the random fire accident, and the dangerous source evolves along the route of point source, line source and surface source until it is close to the critical point or the mechanism of detonating accident when there is a fuse; the self-strengthening and sunk cost in path dependence inhibit the upgrade of safety management. The fire and rescue institutions should go down to the grass-roots level to carry on the practical training to the nursing home practitioners and the elderly in the residential nursing home; the design loopholes in the law making process and the judicial process need to be repaired urgently; and the emergency management of emergency safety accidents in the nursing home needs to be strengthened.


Safety education, risk management, nursing home fire accident, evolution mechanism