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Research on the Teaching Reform of Ancient Chinese Literature in Normal Colleges and Universities of China

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.021


Chunxia LI

Corresponding Author

Chunxia LI


This paper mainly discusses the reform of the teaching problems of ancient Chinese literature in normal colleges of China. College graduates from normal colleges and universities in China are an important source of middle school teachers. The teachers' resources cultured by Chinese major in higher teachers' colleges must keep pace with the requirements of Chinese Course Reform in Middle School In the face of the fact that the new curriculum reform of basic education has been continuously deepened with the comprehensive promotion and rapid development of the whole country. We find that the overall teaching content of ancient Chinese literature courses in the undergraduate education stage of normal colleges and universities is not well-matched with the content of the new curriculum reform of middle school Chinese, and the deviation is relatively large. Because of this, it is necessary to reform the teaching contents and teaching methods of ancient literature courses in normal colleges and universities. In combination with the reality of the new curriculum reform of language in middle schools, teachers should adjust and revise the syllabus, increase the analysis of works, and pay more attention to the latest research results and the transmission of academic information. In order to better adapt to the actual needs of middle school teaching.


Normal colleges and universities, ancient Chinese literature, teaching reform, content of courses, teaching method