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Characteristics and Correlation between Positive Personality and Socially Responsible Leadership of Medical College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.013


Yi LIU, Zhi-bing ZHONG, Rong-hua WEN, Ying-mei PENG

Corresponding Author

Zhi-bing ZHONG


This paper discusses the characteristics of positive personality and socially responsible leadership of medical college students and the relationship between the two, so as to provide the theoretical basis for improving the basic psychological quality of contemporary college students and cultivating excellent talents in the new era. By using the positive personality inventory and social responsibility leadership inventory of college students, 2848 college students were selected and investigated by group survey. The results showed that the scores of positive personality and social responsibility leadership of medical college students were both on a high level. There was a significant positive correlation between the total score of positive personality and the total score of socially responsible leadership (r=0.693, p<0.01). Positive personality can positively predict socially responsible leadership (t=51.286, p<0.001). colleges and universities can enhance students' social responsibility leadership by improving their positive personality.


College students, Positive personality, Socially responsible leadership, Relevance