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Research on the Teaching Reform of Professional Theory Courses under the Background of "Internet Plus"

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.008


Xiaoling Xie

Corresponding Author

Xiaoling Xie


The rapid development of information technology has brought a tremendous impact on education and teaching mode, especially urban and rural planning which is strong practicality. This article uses the literature survey method and comparative analysis method to explore the teaching reform of the theoretical course of urban and rural planning and planning under the background of "Internet plus", expounds the requirements of "Internet plus " on the teaching reform, and aims at the teaching of theoretical courses of urban and rural planning Difficulties, discussed targeted online and offline teaching strategies. In the end, it came up with suggestions such as building a networked teaching platform, effectively integrating teaching resources, innovating multiple teaching models, and insisting on combining theory and practice.


"Internet plus", urban and rural planning, professional theory courses, teaching reform