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Research on the Construction and Development of "Government-Industry-Enterprise-University" Four in One Modern Apprenticeship Talent Training System based on Famous Teachers' Studio—Taking the Major of Architecture as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.005


Xiuyan Zhang, Na Li, Shaolei Shi

Corresponding Author

Xiuyan Zhang


In order to realize the scientific and long-term development of modern apprenticeship personnel training mode in China, it is necessary to analyze the teaching mode and current situation of modern apprenticeship. Because one of the core spirit of modern apprenticeship is to realize the mutual benefit and win-win between universities and enterprises. Therefore, this paper puts forward the "famous teacher studio" model, and based on the "famous teacher studio" to build a "government-industry-enterprise-University" four in one modern apprenticeship talent training system. As a platform and media, the "famous teacher studio" model can coordinate and protect the interests of universities, enterprises and students. It not only inspires enterprises to participate in the modern apprenticeship system, but also improves the talent training level of higher vocational colleges.


Modern apprenticeship, architecture, master studio