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The Nexus between Ceramic Culture and Ideological and Political Education Resources

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.004


Xin Li

Corresponding Author

Xin Li


Since ancient times, Jingdezhen has been engaged in the porcelain industry and accumulated rich ceramic culture. This kind of local characteristic culture is a culture with historical inheritance, regional uniqueness and non-replicability formed in a specific region for a long time. Therefore, Jingdezhen's ceramic culture, as local characteristic culture, has become an important resource for college students' ideological and political education. Ceramic culture is closely related to the major that students study. Also, it is easy to be accepted by college students by integrating it into ideological and political education, which can produce the effect of "moistening things silently". Based on this, this work first analyzed Jingdezhen's ceramic culture, then discussed the nexus between ceramic culture and college students' ideological and political work, and finally put forward the strategy of integrating ceramic culture into ideological and political education.


Jingdezhen, Ceramic culture, Ideological and political, Educational resources, Influence