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Improving Teaching Effects of Blended Learning by Stimulating Achievement Goals

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.003


Xiaoqin Wu, Yajun Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaoqin Wu


During the epidemic of COVID-19, eLearning has been widely used in universities which provides a psychological and technical basis for the reform of blended learning. Blended learning integrates advantages of eLearning and traditional classroom which would become the teaching reform trend. The theory of achievement goals provides a theoretical tool for solving such problems as poor motivation for autonomous eLearning and lack of learning persistence and low participation in classroom activities. To trigger the learning motivation of students with different achievement goals and to improve teaching effects of blended learning, the article puts forward the following suggestions: improving the convenience of the campus network and eLearning platform, releasing gradient eLearning resources, realizing the seamless integration of organization and feedback for pre-class, in-class and after-class instruction, increasing the proportion of process performance and implementing multi-assessment.


Achievement Goals, Blended Learning, Learning Motivation, Teaching Effects