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The Applied Research of Information Technology in Poverty Alleviation through Education

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DOI: 10.25236/seiem.2020.002


Yan Shi, Yuan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yuan Gao


Poverty alleviation through education is one of the effective ways to achieve targeted poverty alleviation and a crucial strategy to beat poverty with precision alleviation. Focusing on the current situation of teaching and the needs of education poverty alleviation in the impoverished region of western China, this paper researched how to put information technology into use effectively through questionnaires and interviews. It is found that 88.6% of the surveyed schools enjoy information infrastructures such as network connectivity and basic conditions for poverty alleviation. Concerning subject demand that for English is the most prominent, and the academic types distinguish from school to school. Based on the findings of the empirical research, this paper proposes a project of education poverty alleviation based on group enjoying, sharing to others, evaluation and diagnosis and treatment, which could enrich the teaching contents of schools in the impoverished region and promote self-development of teachers.


Education, Poverty Alleviation, Information Technology, Network Platform