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Research on the City Image Communication of Zhuhai Under the Background of Big Data Ara

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.036


Yue Huang, Shizhe Weng, Lin Mei

Corresponding Author

Yue Huang


The trend of globalization makes the dissemination of city image more and more important. A good city image can effectively promote the city's construction and development, improve the competitiveness in the market economy, and enrich the city's cultural spirit. We can accurately analyze the best entry point of city image construction, as well as the way and influence of the media, through the advantages of technology, under the background of big data. The era of big data also provides reference and decision for us in the city image dissemination, making it more scientific. The communication of Zhuhai city image should optimize and upgrade the main body, the audience, the media, the strategy and the communication content with the help of big data.


Big Data, Urban Image, Zhuhai