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The Impact of the Strategic Flexibility on Enterprises’ Innovation Performance in Dynamic Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.033


Qian Jiang

Corresponding Author

Qian Jiang


Enterprise innovation is facing new challenges in a dynamic and changing environment. Enterprises need to adjust their strategies in a timely manner and actively carry out product and technology innovation to maintain their competitive advantage. Strategic flexibility endows enterprises with the ability to actively integrate and acquire new resources and information, quickly respond to market changes, and solve problems with flexible strategies, which plays an important role in enterprise innovation performance. In this paper, strategic flexibility is divided into two dimensions: resource flexibility and capacity flexibility to explore their impact on innovation performance in a dynamic environment. Through research and conclusions, it is expected to deepen and expand the theory of strategic flexibility and enterprise innovation, and at the same time provide some valuable references for enterprise strategic and innovative practices.


Strategic Flexibility, Resource Flexibility, Capacity Flexibility, Innovation Performance, Dynamic Environment