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Research on the Reform of State-owned Enterprises Based on the Supply-side Background

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.029


Lu Zheng

Corresponding Author

Lu Zheng


The supply-side reform aims to finally realize the strategic objective of overall stable and constant macroeconomic development. State-owned enterprises are the hard core and backbone of our national economy, so they must be under good operation. Under the background of supply-side reform, the reform of state-owned enterprises will bring extremely important significance to economic development. This article, based on basic requirements for supply-side reform, demonstrates new opportunities brought by the supply side to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises from three aspects, including supply-side non-rigidity, the promotion of mixed operation and management, the deduction of monopoly and market opening. Besides, by combing with the current problems in the reform of state-owned enterprises, reform suggestions are put forward from two aspects, including economic structure and governance structure.


Supply-side, Reform of state-owned enterprises