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Research on Construction of Intelligent Cost Database Sharing Platform Based on Multi-industry Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.025


Jiawen Tian, Yuxin Liao

Corresponding Author

Jiawen Tian


With the rapid development of China's urbanization, the problems caused by the difficulty in obtaining cost information and low accuracy are becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, it is very necessary to build a unified cost database in column setting standards for different industries. Based on the literature research on the use of cost data in multiple industries, the current situation of the use of existing engineering cost databases in China is analyzed. In view of the problems and deficiencies in the using process, a method for constructing and applying a smart cost database sharing platform from a multi-industry perspective is proposed. By verifying the feasibility of this idea, a reference for the establishment of future cost database is provided.


Multi-industry perspective, Intelligence, Cost database, Construction