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Research on the Application of Employee Incentive Diamond Model in the Context of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.024


Qian Luo

Corresponding Author

Qian Luo


With the accelerating development of information age, data has gradually changed from a recognizable and abstract symbol to a basic resource, and the speed and scale of information spread have exploded. In the environment of the big data era, the traditional corporate incentive mechanism is no longer sufficient to meet the development needs of employees in the new era. Faced with the complexity of the needs of different types of employee groups, how to establish diversified and long-term corporate management incentives has brought new challenges. Therefore, this article builds an employee incentive diamond model based on 7 major factors: employee willingness, personal skills, job positions, employee relations, salary and benefits, development opportunities, and physical and mental health. It also studies how to take advantage of big data to take targeted employee incentive measures, and puts forward the application and development of big data in the future human resource management field.


Big data, Corporate employee motivation, Diamond model, Employee motivation diamond model