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The Present Situation and Trend of China's Cross-border E-commerce Development Research—Visual Analysis Based on CiteSpace

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.020


Xu Zhang, Jianlin Zhang, Zhizhen Bu

Corresponding Author

Xu Zhang


With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the quantity and quality of cross-border e-commerce research are increasing year by year. Based on the CNKI database, the paper analyzes the current status of China's cross-border e-commerce research based on the CiteSpace visualization analysis method, and explores the current hotspots and research trends of China's cross-border e-commerce research. The results show that although more and more scholars pay attention to the research of cross-border e-commerce, the research of cross-border e-commerce in China hasn’t matched its actual development. At present, the main researches include cross-border e-commerce development research, model research, foreign development research, pilot regional experience research, cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade relationship research, cross-border e-commerce logistics development and its relationship with cross-border e-commerce research. The analysis results shows that cross-border e-commerce policy recommendations, cross-border e-commerce logistics, cross-border e-commerce and cross-border logistics collaborative research, cross-border e-commerce research in the context of new technologies and new concepts, and cross-border e-commerce ecosystems are the most cutting-edge research trends.


Cross-border e-commerce, Visual analysis, Development research, Trend analysis