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How to Measure the “Social Responsibility” Performance of Non-profit Organizations in China?

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.018


Yong Li, Pei Cheng, Manfei Cui

Corresponding Author

Pei Cheng


Recently, frequent charity scandals have exposed the chaos and lack of social responsibility in the management of non-profit organizations in China. By contrast, enterprises have relatively mature performance measurement indicators, which can quickly and accurately reflect the enterprises’ performance. If an enterprise’s profitability is high, it can generally be considered a success. But profitability standards do not apply to non-profit organizations. Peter Drucker has a classic management saying: “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Do good should also strive for excellence. How to measure the performance of non-profit organizations is a world-class problem. This article believes that non-profit organizations should pay more attention to measuring and fulfilling social responsibilities performance than to other types of organizations. From the perspective of stakeholder theory, voluntary failure theory, and social responsibility theory, this article creatively builds social responsibility performance measurement dimensions and indicators of non-profit organizations. This article comprehensively uses the methods of case analysis and statistical analysis to explore the antecedent factors of non-profit organizations “social responsibility” performance and the formation mechanism of how influencing factors shaping social responsibility performance of non-profit organizations, and how does social responsibility performance influence organizational stability. Furthermore, based on the results of the research, management recommendations are proposed to measure and improve the “social responsibility” performance of non-profit organizations.


Non-profit organizations, Social responsibility, Organizational performance, Measurement dimension, China