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Characteristics of Female Consumption and Business Strategies in the "Her Economy" Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.014


Jing Liu, Yudie Ning, Xinyi Tang and Zelin Ai

Corresponding Author

Jing Liu


With the rapid development of China's economy and culture, the transformation of female social roles has promoted their status significantly, increased their economic strength, and risen significantly their purchasing power. "Her economy", as a development product of the new era economy, is precisely positioned for female consumption. It is a unique business phenomenon formed by women. In the "her economy" era, female psychological characteristics of consumption are blind obedience, seeking brands, comparisons, and beauty. With the awakening of female consciousness and female pursuit of independence from personality to economics in the new era, the rapid development of the Internet + business platform provides a new business development situation for "her economy ", which makes the growth space broader. The pursuit of product brands and the desire for high-quality life in the era of "her economy" has led to significant growth in female consumer participation. In the context of this era, it is important to position the female consumer market and design unique advertisements to promote female consumption of consumer products. Based on the rapid development of the modern economy, the e-commerce platform of the Internet + era provides convenience for "her economy" development.


Her economy, Female consumption, Marketing strategies