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Research on the Development Model of Selenium-rich Agricultural Typical Areas from the Perspective of Agricultural Industrialization

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.012


Lianghua Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lianghua Zhang


The agricultural form featuring selenium has become an important direction and innovative form of precise poverty alleviation and industrial revitalization. This article takes the typical areas of selenium-rich agriculture in China as research objects, and hopes to explore the development law of selenium-rich agricultural industrialization. This article conducts theoretical research on industrialization, compares the main methods of industrialization in different selenium-rich agricultural areas, grasps the current situation of typical selenium-rich agricultural areas in China, and proposes four basic development models of selenium-rich agricultural industrialization. Therefore, selenium-rich agricultural typical region realizes its own development by the integration of one or more models, bringing rural revitalization for the fields of "selenium".


Selenium-rich agriculture, Agricultural industrialization, Development model, Rural revitalization