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Research on Enterprises Team Performance Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.010


Yilin Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yilin Jiang


With the changes in market environment management concept and operation mode of development, the traditional individual work mode is gradually replaced by team cooperation. The performance evaluation method should change the way focusing on both team overall performance and relevance of individual team members performance. Grasping the difference between each other and making fair and reasonable performance evaluation incentive are faced by contemporary enterprise based on the definition of team characteristics and classification as well as build units of team performance management process. This article further discusses and analyzes problems in the assessment of team, points out that group of high performance process is not a one-way process, but a dynamic circulatory system, puts forward concrete methods of team performance management for the unit with the team to help performance appraisal management, hopes to help other enterprises in establishing team performance management system for the unit, and provides reference.


Enterprise, Team-base, Performance appraisal, Employee performance