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Research on the Construction of China's "Mutual Assistance for the Aged +" Model under Rural Rejuvenation

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.005


Luyi Cheng

Corresponding Author

Luyi Cheng


The uneven development of urban and rural areas and the deepening of the population aging have made the problem of elderly care in rural areas increasingly apparent,which has restricted rural rejuvenation. In this context, this article uses the literature method and comparative analysis method to carry out the current situation of mutual assistance pension at home and abroad and puts forward the "mutual support for the aged +" model for the targeted relief of capital supply constraints, inadequate service optimization, and operational management disadvantages in the mutual assistance pension model. At the same time, in order to promote the industrialization of pensions and combine regional characteristics, this article further provides three models with broad practical foundations, "mutual assistance for the aged + rural tourism", "mutual assistance for the aged + characteristic agriculture" and "mutual assistance for the aged + characteristic handicrafts".


Rural area, Mutual assistance for the aged +, Rural revitalization