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The Application of GIS in the Construction of Smart City

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.003


Kuang Chen

Corresponding Author

Kuang Chen


With the development of economy and society and the advancement of science and technology, cities are facing more and more problems, and the construction of efficient, intelligent and sustainable smart city has become an inevitable trend in future urban construction. GIS, with its powerful functions, has injected technical force and vitality into the construction of smart city, bringing huge opportunities to solve the problems faced by cities. After summarizing the concept and application advantages of GIS, this paper analyzes the application of GIS in smart city in detail, including smart transportation, municipal underground pipeline, urban emergency service system, land use planning and construction, and urban fire safety. The application analysis shows that GIS has more advantages in the construction of smart city, and it is expected to bring some references to the application of relevant technical means in smart city, so as to lay a solid foundation for improving the efficiency and level of urban construction and governance, thus better serving the daily life of urban residents and improving the efficiency of government decision-making.


Smart City, GIS, GIS application analysis