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Analysis of Problems in China's Financial Supervision and Ralated Suggestions

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DOI: 10.25236/icebmi.2020.001


Jing Fang, Xiangyu Liu and Ning Ding

Corresponding Author

Jing Fang


With the development of the financial industry, China's financial supervision system has transitioned from "centralized and unified supervision" to "separate supervision" to "collaborative supervision". At present, the financial supervision pattern of “one committee, one party, two sessions and local financial supervision bureaus" has been formed. The financial supervision system in China is becoming more and more perfect, and the organizational system structure is becoming more reasonable. However, there are still some problems that we need to pay attention to and solve. This article analyzes some problems in current financial supervision structure by exploring the reform process of China's financial supervision system, and puts forward relevant suggestions for the existing problems.


Financial supervision, Internet financial, Mixed operation, Financial risk, Related suggestions