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Research on the Ancient-Costume Film Role Shaping Based on the Perspective of Costume Pattern Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.42


Wang Zheng

Corresponding Author

Wang Zheng


At present, world-renowned film awards such as Oscar Golden Statuettes have set up the costume design awards, especially, Hong Kong Film Awards has set up the "best costume pattern award", which fully explains the important position of costume pattern design in film art, and embodies the concern and attention of the world filmdom on costume pattern design. Based on the living examples of ancient costume films, this paper analyzes the basic functions of characters' role shaping in costume pattern design, and puts forward the concepts and methods of costume pattern design required by ancient-costume film role shaping. The objective of this paper is to provide reference for costume pattern design of China's ancient costume films, and design more excellent costume patterns, thus satisfying the function needs of ancient-costume films and further carrying forward the culture and spirit of Chinese folk costume.


Costume pattern, Ancient costume film, Role shaping, Function.