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The Exploring of Online Teaching Methods Under the Circumstance of the Epidemic Prevention and Control

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.060


Shuli Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuli Wang


During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the Ministry of Education proposed to postpone the opening of universities, middle schools and primary schools, thus online teaching became the main method for them to carry out “Keep Learning amid Class Suspension”. In the process of the professional English online teaching, based on the integrated concept of “Internet + education”, the author summarizes the teaching experience, models and methods, transfers offline teaching into online teaching, retains the blackboard writing and interactive links in classroom teaching, and innovates the design, guidance, annotation, intervention and other diversified ways of online teaching to ensure the smooth development of teaching. By using the methods of literature and empirical analyses, this paper explores how to realize the teaching purpose of high quality, excellent effect and diverse resources with the help of diversified media tools, so as to provide useful reference for the online teaching theory and practice.


Online Teaching Methods, Epidemic Prevention, English Learning