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Formative Assessment in Chinese College English Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.059


Zhang Lili, Yang Huakun, Kim Sukwoo, Shao Yan,Cheng Jun

Corresponding Author

Zhang Lili


This paper aims at exploring how to use formative classroom assessment to improve College English teaching and learning outcomes in China. The assessment of college English as a heated research has grabbed much attention these days. Researches concerning college English assessment share quite a large number at home and abroad. Many of the studies together with the successful experience of Finland show that classroom formative assessment makes a great difference in improving teaching and learning outcomes. Under such condition, college English teachers are expected to take more responsibility for assessing students in class. However, investigations show that the majority of college English teachers are incapable of conducting proper classroom assessment. Through literature study, this paper first makes in-depth analyses of value orientation and practice strategy of formative assessment in Finland classroom and then analyses Chinese current policy orientation for formative classroom assessment and status quo of classroom assessment to find the existing gap. On basis of the finding, this paper puts forward suggestions from ARCS perspective for effective practice of formative assessment in Chinese College English classroom.


ARCS, College English, Formative Assessment, China Standards of English, Finland