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Suhomlinsky’s Moral Education Thought and Its Realistic Value Interpretation

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.053


Xiaohui Li, Mengdi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Li


Moral education is a theme that spans all ages. Suhomlinsky, a well-known Soviet educational theorist and educational practitioner at home and abroad, has many ideas and statements about moral education. He explored the issue about effectiveness of moral quality cultivation from the perspective of effective teleology theory, effective environment theory and effective activity theory. Today, it is important to reorganize and study Suhomlinsky’s exposition on this issue. And it still has practical significance for contemporary moral education. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects. First, we should pay attention to the creation of the educational environment. Good educational environment is the important medium to enlighten students. Then, the critical factor to shape moral educational quality is self-education. Although the formation of moral quality is inseparable from the external environment, it mainly depends on oneself. At last, moral quality cultivation should focus on nurturing the soul.


Suhomlinsky, Moral Education, Effective, Exploration