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Research on the Current Situation and Strategy of British and American Literature Teaching Based on Computer-aided Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.050


Xiaoxia Ma

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxia Ma


Research in this paper will be a beneficial exploration and attempt to explore how to improve the British and American literature education based upon the modern computer science and information technology. Proceeding from advantages and feasibility of the computer-assisted teaching model to the strategies and methodological exploration of computer-assisted classroom teaching mode, this paper has concluded that the combination of computer information technology with the virtual classes will stimulate students' interest in English learning, and the application of modern computer information technology to practical English teaching can’t only promote the teaching efficiency, optimize learning resources but also modernize collage education as being separated from the traditional teaching ideology, and that the profound ideological connotations and historical values of the British and American literature are of great guiding significance to the development of literature and the progress of humanistic qualities of students if the computer-assisted British and American literature teaching is constantly implemented with cultural instruction ,which could be highlighted as a new reform in modern English teaching.


Computer-aided, British and American Literature, Teaching Model, Teaching Strategy