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Thoughts on the Cultural and Creative Design Talent Cultivation from the Perspective of Cultural and Tourism Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.047


Ce Zhou

Corresponding Author

Ce Zhou


In recent years, China has actively promoted holistic tourism, which is a new path to optimize and integrate regional resources and promote the economy of the whole region with tourism. This paper puts forward some thoughts on the cultural creative design talents cultivation from the perspective of cultural and tourism integration on the basis that tourism souvenirs are the indispensable part to promote the development of tourism industry. The means of humanistic quality enhancement, innovative thinking cultivation and new training system construction not only can enhance the ability of cultural and creative design talents to quickly integrate into the employment environment, but also can convey new design ideas and concepts for the cultural and tourism industry, thus providing theoretical support for the development of the cultural and tourism industry in China.


Integration of Cultural and Tourism, Cultural and Creative Design Talents, Humanistic Quality, Creative Thinking, Training System