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University-Industry Cooperation in the Context of Chinese Postgraduate Education

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.037


Huimin Xiao

Corresponding Author

Huimin Xiao


Despite of a large number of postgraduates in China, postgraduates are generally considered to have insufficient practical experience and innovation ability. Universities-industry cooperation is an effective way to improve the practical ability of postgraduates. The problems of university-industry cooperation in Chinese postgraduate education are analyzed and constructive suggestions are provided in this paper. In China, the lack of sufficient practical courses and practical opportunities, lack of work experience for teachers, lack of cooperation motivation for enterprises, and imperfect laws and regulations are the main reasons that hinder the cooperation between universities and industry. It is proposed in this paper that universities and enterprises should build cooperative networks and jointly develop postgraduate education programs based on these above reasons. Internet technology such as cloud platforms should be used to take advantage of students’ fragmented time, and process supervision should be emphasized to improve postgraduate evaluation mechanisms.


Universities-industry Cooperation, Postgraduate, Chinese Higher Education