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Research on the Influence of Family Education on Minors

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.035


Haoyi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Haoyi Zhang


Family education has been a very important topic since ancient times. Minors represent the future and potential of a country. Family, as the earliest and the first place for minors to receive education, has a distinct guiding role in the formation of their outlook on life, world outlook and values. Family education also affects and restricts the growth of minors in different aspects. At present, society is in the transition period in China. The family education not only conforms to the thought of China's development of advanced education, but also has some educational problems, which seriously affect the physical and mental health development of minors. In view of this, mainly starting from the family education in this paper, we analyze the positive role of family education in promoting the growth of minors, the existing problems of family education and its impact on minors. We propose to improve the quality of family education base on analysis in this paper.


Family Education, Minors, Influence, Advice